John Adams House

Matt and I watched the HBO series about John Adams and ever since seeing it, we've been really interested in our second president.

His birthplace, first home as an adult and second home that he lived in after being president are all just south of Boston in the town of Quincy.

This is his home he and Abigail bought as their dream home and lived in until they died.

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This house was lived in for several generations of Adams. One of John Adams' grandsons built this beautiful library to house all of the family treasures.

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The National Park owns all three of these houses. When visiting you start at the visitor's center and ride a shuttle to the house John Adams was born in. Next door is his house he lived in as an adult.

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Walking through the houses bring the Adams' family to life! It also gives insight into the pre and post Revolutionary war times.

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I'm glad these homes are still standing so we can see them today.
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