Harvest Host- March Farms

Our second Harvest Host's stay was at a beautiful family farm in Bethleham, CT called March Farm. We got to park by a pretty pond and walk around the strawberries and blue berry bushes! We bought ice cream and a tomato while there. The owner came by our trailer later in the evening to see how we were doing and brought us some cherries from the farm! It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to our next Harvest Host's stay!

 photo 7-12-14HarvestHostConnecticut-5_zps88b3a658.jpg

 photo 7-12-14HarvestHostConnecticut-3_zpsa80391e6.jpg

 photo 7-12-14HarvestHostConnecticut-1_zps79ebd298.jpg

 photo 7-12-14HarvestHostConnecticut-4_zpsed551ce4.jpg

 photo 7-12-14HarvestHostConnecticut-2_zpsc51ca156.jpg

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