The Pillars of the Earth- By, Ken Follett

When I finished this book, I continued to think about the characters and story because they felt as though they had become part of my day everyday for several weeks. Every time I put the book down I couldn't help wondering what would happen next!

"The Pillars of the Earth", is almost 1,000 pages and is truly an epic story that covers an entire lifetime of the characters.

This thrilling historical fiction novel is set in Medieval England and centers around several characters who become intertwined as the story goes on.

In the beginning, a man is hung. As the story moves on there is a huge secret that gets uncovered bit by bit throughout the novel that continues to go back to the man that was hung at the beginning.

There is not one point in the book where drama and treachery aren't stirring. Just when the last issue for the characters is resolved, something new and outlandish happens that is more than you think they will be able to handle.

The major theme of this story is the building of a new cathedral and the powers of good and evil that are in a constant struggle to see the cathedral built or to destroy it.

I loved this book because the story was truly riveting. I looked forward to sitting down and reading it whenever I got the chance. I loved it too because of the historic tid bits intertwined in the story that gave me a sense of what life was like for people in the 1100's.

This is my favorite type of book and I truly enjoyed the whole thing. Ken Follett, the author, can really put together amazing novels, I don't know how he does it. I read another one of his books a couple of months ago called, "The Fall of Giants". The way he wrote that book is similar to the way he wrote "The Pillars of the Earth". Both novels follow the lives of multiple characters that become more intertwined as the story goes on. He also used the name Maud for a character in each book.

I'm so grateful to one of my friends from high school, Sarah, who recommended both "The Fall of Giants" and "The Pillars of the Earth" to me! They are both amazing books! 

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