Homemade Winter Hat!

Knitting looks so great and envy those that can do it. I've tried to get into knitting several times but the process to too tedious and slow for me. However, I got these awesome knitting looms for Christmas and now I can "knit" using these!

The process is much faster and it suits me better. I made this lovely hat in about 2.5 hours while watching TV one night!

The different size looms are for different sized heads. The little blue one is for a baby hat but I think I will try to use it to make a scarf, it will be like a giant tube scarf.

This weekend I will be focusing on making drapes however and not knitting hats or scarves. I am really excited to get to work on the living room drapes! The fabric I got is so pretty, check it out here. I haven't sewn much in my life and I'm a little nervous about such a big project. I've been mulling over how I will make them for a few days and I feel good about it. I'll have pics when they are done.

I'm pumped that it's Friday and that it's January and about 50 degree outside instead of 20!

Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday!

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