How to Cook Salmon

This is my favorite way to cook salmon, it turns out a little crisp and very tasty every time.

 I always have a bag of Costco frozen salmon in the freezer and it tastes great despite being frozen.

Start off by heating about 1-2 tbls of olive oil in a pan for a few minutes so that it is very hot.

Season your fish with salt and pepper on both sides.

Place your fish in the pan. It will sizzle loudly! Let it cook in the oil for 3 minutes. Flip the fish and cook 3 more minutes.

Transfer your fish to a foil lined baking sheet and place your fish in the oven on broil. I have my oven rack pretty far from the broiler so it doesn't cook too fast. The purpose of broiling the fish after searing it is to finish cooking the fish through. This will take 6-7 minutes.

Take salmon out and eat! I like to use different sauces on my fish depending on the side dish of the night.

I like to make salmon like this about once a week! It is quick and tasty.
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