HDR Photography

I learned about HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) this week and I'm having so much fun playing around with it! Here is what HDR photos look like-

Crazy huh!?

The purpose of HDR is to capture the grandness of a moment when you see something beautiful and want to photograph it but the photograph only kinda captures what you are seeing.

HDR stacks an under exposed photo, a properly exposed photo, and and over exposed photo to bring out all of the details that just one of those types of photos just wouldn' get all by itself.

Here's an example of three photos by themselves before being stacked.

HDR Photos can look kind of crazy or whimsical but I like that, it's fun!

I'm not an expert on how to do this but i'll tell you what I know. I have a Canon EOS 40D. Set the camera to Aperture priority, then under menu set the AEB mode (Automatic Exposure Bracketing) all the way out to 2. AEB takes the over exposed, properly exposed, and under exposed photos for you without you having to change the settings yourself. Then set the burst mode to take three photos quickly one after the other.

Take your three photos then the way that you stack them is by uploading them to Photomatix which you can download a free trial of here- The free trial leaves a watermark on your photo but it is still fun to play around with. Then you can play around with the photo in Photomatix until you like the way it looks!

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