Back Again!

Wow, what a great break Matt and I just came back from! We were home in Texas for the past 9 days and it felt like we were really able to escape normal life and just relax/unwind for a good long time. We slept in late everyday and ate lots of good food prepared by our moms.

We spent time with both of our families and got to see some friends and go to a wedding! We even shot off some fireworks at the lake on New Year's Eve which is always fun!

Fun With Sparklers!

I got to spend quality time with my two favorite cats which always makes me happy.

Francis Opening Her Present With Help from Dad

I Got a Lunch Box With Bella on it

She Loves Her Boa

Wearing Her Boa Again the Next Day

It doesn't feel like a new year has just started. I usually feel sad after Christmas because I start realizing that another year is about to end. This year however, I didn't think about New Year's resolutions or watch all the shows on TV that wrap up the past year which helped me to keep on living life without getting caught up in the changing of the date.

I'm trying to change my perspective on life to not worry about age or the years. I've gotten too caught up in focusing on how old I am and it freaks me out to realize how fast the time goes! My hope is to be able to enjoy life and each day as it comes without thinking too far into the future. I'm looking forward to 2012! 2011 what full of changes and it was great- I started this blog, we bought an Airstream, I got a new job, and we bought our first house! 2012 will be full of learning new things as we continue work on our house and our Airstream. Here's to a great new year.

Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it so much! Happy New Year!
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