Patrick Dempsey's Lake House

I've noticed a few people have come to my blog because they've google searched for Patrick Dempsey's Lake House. The post I wrote about his lake house(click here to see it) just mentioned it in passing so I wanted to expand on it a little more!

I'm from Tyler, TX which is about 45 minutes north of Jacksonville, TX on hwy 69. My cousin has a cute cabin on Lake Jacksonville that has been in our family for a long time. I've brought lots of friends out for sleep overs and we've had lots of days with our family hanging out at the lake.

One night on our local news there was a report that Patrick Dempsey was seen in the Tyler Target and someone submitted a cell phone picture of him in the store!

That set everyone to researching what in the world he would be doing out in our part of the world!

After some research the locals figured out that his wife is from the Jacksonville area (we think) and they had a lake house on Lake Jacksonville!

I immediately started looking online for a house on the lake under his wife's name (I thought he wouldn't have his name out there for everybody to find, that would be too easy!).

Somehow I found some sort of tax document with their address online so my friends and I attempted to find him!

Here's what we found!

The front of the house! So secretive

From the lake side

His boat house

That sign warns of an electric wire/fence! I guess they don't want people coming too close:)

We're all taking photos. Like the canoe?

I am sad he wasn't sitting out at the boat house fishing when we canoed by... Maybe someday he will be! I have no idea if Patrick and his family still have this house but I like to think there is always a chance I could run into him on the lake or in town:)
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