It's 18 Degrees

Woooww it's cold around here and I'm super grateful for warm boots and sweaters to keep me warm.

Something else that is keeping me warm today is the fact that it's Friday! I'll be making burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight then on Saturday, Matt and I are going to see "The Iron Lady".

Last night for dinner, I bought two flounder fillets stuffed with crab from Trader Joe's. If you have a Trader Joes and love seafood you will surely love this! They are only $2.99 a piece and are deeelicious! 

I served it with wild rice and can't wait to eat this meal again.

The work around our house continues this weekend. It is hard to get motivated when it's sooo cold and all you want to do in lay on the couch under a blanket in front of the fire!

Happy Friday!

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