The Fall of Giants- By Ken Follett

This is my kind of book! I am so glad "The Fall of Giants" is only book #1 in a trilogy because I cannot get enough of this awesome book!

"The Fall of Giants" is a historical fiction novel about the world leading up to World War I. The story is told by following several different characters that as the book goes on, become more and more intertwined. The author does an amazing job of tying real historical events and figures in with riveting stories of the character's personal lives. I feel like the author really brought this time period to life and each time I picked this book up I felt like I was transported back in time.

This novel is about 1,000 pages long but, every page is full of fantastic story line and there is never a lull in this book.

At the end of this book you will feel like you have just taken a course on World War I. The novel starts off by exposing the awful ways that normal people were treated by the aristocracy and the wealthy. As the non-wealthy got fed up with their incompetent leaders, the wealthy became more impossible for people to live under and all of that helped lead the world into the first world war.

Then you are led through each country's reasons for joining the war, next through the tough war years, and then through the drawn out end to the war. You get a small glimpse of the drastically different lives of the characters after the war but I think we will get more of that in the next book.

Throughout the book characters such as Loyd George, Winston Churchill, Hitler, and Leon Trotsky interact with the fictional characters in the book in historically accurate ways. 

The reason I like this book so much is because you are gaining knowledge while reading an interesting story at the same time.

This book is great and I am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy to come out next year. If you like history this is a read you will really enjoy!

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