Our Weekend

This weekend I made Christmas candy for our neighbors including chocolate pretzels and homemade peppermint patties!

The pretzels are like a pretzel hershey kiss sandwich with additional chocolate drizzled on top. To make them I laid out as many pretzels as I could on a cookie sheet with a kiss on top and put them in the oven for 5 minutes on 175 degrees. Then I pulled them out and pressed another pretzel on top. When I tasted them, they weren't quite chocolaty enough for me so I drizzled more on top!

The peppermint patties are sooo good, they taste just like a York Peppermint Patty. I found the recipe on this blog. Go here to make your own! One thing I did differently from the original recipe is melt my chocolate in a double boiler instead of in the microwave. I learned from my mom (who took a class on chocolate so she knows) that you should never melt chocolate in the microwave. You know how it turns all grainy if you leave it in too long? It has to do with moisture getting into the chocolate. Once it turns grainy it won't remelt. Using the double boiler is fast and you are less likely to have grainy chocolate.

We also started working on the stone around our fireplace!

I think it will look great when it's done! We have to let these layers of stone dry before we finish it off.

Next up, I made Reinbeer for our neighbors that don't like sweets! Cute huh?

I spray painted an old blue metal tub so that we can use it to store our firewood in-
Lastly, check out my onions growing in my kitchen! These are green onions I used two week ago and put the white end in water instead of in the trash. Isn't it amazing that it regrows?

I hope you had a good weekend! Next weekend is Christmas! Woohoo!

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