90's Kid!

This is funny to me and I can relate to most things on this list.
I loooved Full House and the fact that there was a Michelle on the show. I thought DJ was the coolest teenager ever and I wanted the clear plastic phone with all of the wires showing like the girls had in their room.

I thought Saved By The Bell was the coolest show on TV and that all of their clothes were awesome, especially Kelly's.

I don't remember Blossom.

I didn't like Are you Afraid of the Dark, I thought it was scary. I looooved Bug Juice, that was some good reality TV.

I did not like Hey Arnold, I preferred Rugrats. I thought Recess was a good enough show, I watched it on Saturday mornings, and I thought Doug was a good show too.

I had the Spice Girls CDs and knew all of their songs. I enjoyed dancing to their CD's around my room in the evenings.

I liked Hansen but didn't have their CDs or care about which one was the cutest. Some girls I knew were obsessed and had their pictures in their lockers but that wasn't me.

I had a Tamagotchi for a while and it was fun. My friend got in trouble for using hers during Sunday School one time, but I didn't like getting in trouble so I left mine a home.

We definitely played all of those games.

I would often check out a  Goosebumps book from the library to get my AR points ( I hated Accelerated Reading! I could never get all the points I was suppose to get each 6 weeks). I thought the Goosebumps books were kind of scary but, I read them anyway!

I never read Nancy Drew books, the Goosebumps book covers looked much cooler to me.

Of course I had Beanie Babies too, I had a pretty good collection and even had the Princess Bear which I thought was the ultimate Beanie Baby.

I loved the crazy clothes style of the 90's and the bright colors. It was a good decade to grow up in!
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