Christmas Joy!

What could get you in the Christmas spirit more than hanging out with Kindergartners and 3rd graders?! Nothing i'm pretty sure!

Yesterday I went to two different elementary schools in Kansas City, MO to help with classroom Christmas parties for the kids.

I love how kids ask random questions and think you are cool just for being there. I only spent 30-45 minutes with each group and they all wanted to hug me before I left.

A few kids asked me if I could drive, then said, how old are you. When I said, 24, they responded with, "but you're so small."

The kids were so excited to dance to Christmas music, make a snowman ornament, decorate and eat and sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles, and then play pictionary.

The last thing we did at our classroom Christmas party was pass out gifts with a toy, gloves, a book, a sweet, and some other small things. They were soooo excited to open a present. It was precious.
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