Bossypants- By: Tina Fey

Oh my word, this book is funny. I've never read a funny book but, I found myself laughing throughout Tina Fey's un-serious stories about her life.

Tina Fey talks about growing up as a middle class girl and all of the crazy things that happen to girls as they turn into teenagers but, in a really funny way that most men would probably not want to read because it deals with kind of gross stuff that all girls are aware of.

Her sarcastic stories show just how funny this woman is and helps you see that life doesn't have to be so serious. Tina acts like she is no big deal and like people don't even recognize her in public but, I'm pretty sure I'd recognize her if I saw her.

She talks about being on SNL and being a producer. Her tone and stories make her sound like a real person with normal breakdowns and life issues. She doesn't brag about starting a TV show or producing funny movies.

I like her and this book was a quick read that I enjoyed. Even if you don't really care to learn about Tina Fey's life, it is still funny the way she tells her stories and you can get an idea of what a non-crazy celebrity is like.

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