Southern New Hampshire and the Lakes Region

After leaving Maine we headed inland to another New England state, New Hampshire. Our first night in NH we spent at a berry farm and orchard. Those are the White Mountains in the background there.

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-01_zpsaf1e3685.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-02_zpseae55d67.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-03_zpsb59fa78f.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-04_zps7ed3c83a.jpg

As far as we could tell, New Hampshire doesn't have any big cities which is neat to experience. This is the Concord, NH Courthouse-

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-05_zps021bbc40.jpg

NH is famous for covered bridges, they are so quaint!

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-06_zps69f237af.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-07_zps55bf7108.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-08_zps6ea51a2b.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-09_zps088a24d8.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-10_zps3a35e00b.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-11_zpsee5c3af5.jpg

This is Lake Winnipesaukee! It's a huge lake and a very pretty with clear water and beautiful forest surrounding the lake. 

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-12_zps283eacb7.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-13_zpsf86cb0af.jpg

After the Lakes region we move on to the White Mountains!
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