Biking Boston

Boston is a beautiful city and we spent our last day in the city biking around taking in this old historic city.

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-10_zps65884c89.jpg
Old Grave Yard, some graves were from the 1600's

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-09_zps02a71ca5.jpg
Paul Revere's grave

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-08_zps0d4c481b.jpg

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-07_zps08e231e0.jpg

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-06_zps1c79fa57.jpg
A sign for the Silva Brothers working as a contractor on an old house! If you watch This Old House you know who Tom Silva is!

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-05_zpsa16ac5a8.jpg

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-04_zpscc76179e.jpg
Cutest little door

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-03_zpsb876fa39.jpg

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-02_zps0f5d218f.jpg

 photo 8-13-14BikingBoston-01_zps944a8dda.jpg
Have you ever been to Boston? Do you think it's a great city too?
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