Lexington and Concord

Remember learning about Paul Revere in school? The Lexington and Concord National Historic Site brings the night that Revere road his horse all the way from Boston warning "the British are coming!" to life.

The old road that Revere took to warn everyone that the British were coming to seize the militia's weapons is still there with a few buildings along the route.

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Paul Revere was caught that night by the British but the word was spread by lots of other people that heard his warning.

The colonists were preparing to fight the British and had weapons stored up for their militia in case they needed to use them. 

The British decided it was time to get rid of those weapons. The colonists knew this might happen so they were prepared to stop the British soldiers from seizing their weapons. The plan worked and the day after Paul Revere warned everyone the British were coming, the colonists worked together to chase the British all the way back to Boston. The colonists hid in the woods and terrorized the British soldiers as they tried to march in an orderly fashion.

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This bridge is were the first British soldier was shot and the Revolutionary war was officially on.

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