Lancaster and Hershey PA

Central Pennsylvania wins the award for most beautiful farm land in my book! Everywhere you look there are picturesque rolling hills covered in corn and wheat, beautiful barns and farm houses and Amish people riding buggies pulled by horses.

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One way we could tell if a house was owned by Amish people was the way they hung their laundry, look at their huge clothes line!

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Being in the Lancaster area made me feel like I got a glimpse of the past. There's still plenty of modern things around but the old buildings and seeing the Amish plow their fields, ride their buggies and run old fashioned stores brought me back in time.

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Just up the road from Lancaster is Hershey! That's the very Hershey that makes chocolate! I wondered why there was a huge chocolate manufacturer in Pennsylvania and the answer is, milk! They need lots of milk to make chocolate and there's plenty of dairy farms in the area.

Hershey's Chocolate World was really great. There's a huge store with a factory tour (it's a fun ride that explains how they make chocolate) and tons of other things such as a theme park. We even got asked to do a taste test and got taken in a back room where we tasted chocolates and told them what we thought! The store and tour are free!

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We stayed at the PA Dutch Country Thousand Trails for four days which was nice. Then we moved 10 miles up the road to the Hershey Thousand Trails for four more days. The Hershey Thousand Trails is really great! There's pickle ball every morning and the park is really pretty. It's more of a resort than the PA Dutch Thousand Trails.

We really enjoyed our time in the Lancaster and Hershey area!

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