Our Great Smithsonian Adventure

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Washington DC is full of amazing free Smithsonian museums. We spent many hours during our time in DC soaking up history, art, aircraft, and even the beauty of tropical flowers.

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 A Monet painting in the National Art Gallery

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Also in the National Art Gallery, fancy and pretty.

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We went on a guided tour of the Italian Renaissance section of the art gallery, we learned a lot of interesting info.

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Serious business learning about paintings.

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In the rotunda of the art gallery, it is modeled after the Pantheon in Rome.

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Eating a delicious Potbelly sandwich by the fountain in the sculpture garden.

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Azalea tree!

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Exploring the Botanical Garden

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Amazing Orchid

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An actual Apollo Space capsule! It's neat to know this is what carried astronauts from space back to earth. It's on display at the Air and Space Museum. Again we took a guided tour and learned much more than we would have exploring on our own.

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Natural History Museum

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Statue from Easter Island, I never thought I'd see one of these in real life! Its one of only 2 that have been taken from the Island (as far as we know).

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This is the entrance to see the Star Spangled Banner inside of the American History Museum. It's huge!

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This is the National Archives! It's not a Smithsonian but it's close to the National Mall.
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This is where money is printed!

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Lots of old police cars on display on the National Mall. There is something going on on the mall just about every day!
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