The Jersey Shore

We spent a little more than a week exploring the Jersey Shore between Cape May Courthouse and Atlantic City. I was surprised at how charming and pretty the area was. During our travels I've learned that if there's a beach, there will be lots of people and pretty houses, everybody loves the beach!

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-09_zpse264c037.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-10_zps52696319.jpg

Besides the beach we of course went to the Atlantic City Boardwalk-

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-02_zpsb7e7722c.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-01_zpsf5763a80.jpg

There were plenty of cutesy shopping places and farm stands up and down the shore-

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-08_zps1d1ac103.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-07_zps33a0e84d.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-12_zpse555fabc.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-06_zps54657118.jpg

There was lots of fresh seafood-

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-11_zps9700020a.jpg

We also went to a great zoo in Cape May Courthouse.

This tortoise is being weighed-

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-05_zpse89a1867.jpg

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-04_zps60817d0f.jpg

We also celebrated my birthday with a good dinner!

 photo 6-21-14JerseyShore-03_zpse0284f9c.jpg

We had a great time on the Jersey Shore and are looking forward to seeing more coastline later this summer.

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