Kennedy Center- Giselle

This past week was my (Michelle's) birthday!  My grandmother gave me a fantastic gift to enjoy while in DC, tickets to a Kennedy Center performance!

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-2_zps3801dc8f.jpg

We got to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform Giselle!

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-4_zps52b360a5.jpg

The ballet was stunning and so was the Kennedy Center.

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-6_zpsa70e28c9.jpg

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-5_zps48c993b7.jpg
The lights in the theater were hard to capture but they were so pretty, it looked like Christmas ornaments covering the ceiling.

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-1_zpse6a2c314.jpg

 photo 6-1-14KennedyPerformance-LuxeLandYacht-3_zps7c7a7356.jpg

It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!
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