Friends In DC

Two of Michelle's college roomates aka, BFFs currently live in DC so, on our visit to our nation's capitol we had the added benefit of spending time with great friends! One of Michelle's additional college BFFs lives in NYC and came down to DC to join the party!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-7_zps475308a5.jpg
Photo credit to Nikita Purdy. In this photo we're taking a break in Georgetown.

We went out to cool DC restaurants, met each others pets (and let our pets meet each other), saw where each other lived, and introduced our friends to campground life so they could explore our Airstream.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-5_zps5254d470.jpg
Tahoe staring at Abey.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-4_zps9ffab065.jpg
We had strawberry ice cream!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-3_zpse21a3d81.jpg
Enjoying the great outdoors.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-2_zps5c5fe74e.jpg
Abey and Nikita

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-1_zps67748273.jpg
BFFs and our pets.

We had a phenomenal time with friends and are so glad we got to visit them in a such a great city!

It's also nice to be guided around a city by locals who know about completely different experiences than the typical tourist ones. Cheers to a fun time! Thanks for being great hosts!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-6_zpsd78226dd.jpg
Here we are after eating at Sakuramen in Adams Morgan, so delicious!
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