Washington DC!

Washington DC is a great city that we've had such a great time exploring. One of my favorite parts of DC are the monuments and our beautiful capitol!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to go up in the Washington Monument which recently reopened after being closed for the past several years.

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-02_zps31c85a6d.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-01_zps9f8cabb5.jpg

Here's the elevator to go up into the monument-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-04_zps3f3b59a4.jpg

Here's the tiny window you get to look out at the top!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-05_zps71c6743a.jpg

The view was pretty good at the top of the monument!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-06_zps3dab6153.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-03_zps25dcc298.jpg

You know what this is!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-07_zps4d4fa0af.jpg

The capitol is a beautiful ornate building-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-08_zps6f51e02c.jpg

This is inside the capitol in the rotunda. It was very crowded!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-09_zpsefbcd1f2.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-10_zps8d0c586c.jpg

The dome of the capitol is being repaired currently and this drop cloth is suppose to protect the people below from any falling debris-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-11_zpsd89a3d13.jpg

Here's a view of the WWII monument-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-17_zps3972f6ed.jpg

Have you ever been to DC? What's your favorite part?
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