Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown

After Matt and I left Charleston we stopped in Williamsburg for a few days to soak up some American history before heading to Washington DC.

The Williamsburg area is full of important places in US history. I'm glad we were able to visit all three important places Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. All three places are within 30 minutes of each other and visiting all three gives you a great sense of the early settlers and colonial times in the USA.

Jamestown was the first successful British settlement in the US. The site of the settlement is currently being excavated by archeologists and they have found lots of artifacts from the people that lived at the Jamestown settlement. Jamestown had some celebrities you've probably heard of such as John Smith and Pocahontas. The interesting thing about Jamestown is that new things are being discovered that were lost over time in the layers of dirt. I thought it was fascinating to stand in the same places as some of America's most famous settlers.

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Yorktown is a battlefield where the Revolutionary war was fought. The colonists along with help from the French destroyed the British at Yorktown!

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Williamsburg is a colonial town described as a living history museum. Williamsburg is further north up the river than Jamestown and became the capitol of Virginia after Jamestown. It's very quaint and pretty with fun shops!

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Here are some insider tips about the area, there are some tourist traps in these places. If you want to learn some great history then go to the origional Jamestown settlement that's run by the National Park. It's so interesting and informative. Your admission fee for Jamestown also gets you into Yorktown. Williamsburg is a real town and you're allowed to walk around for free. You need a ticket to go into some of the buildings and watch some of the reenactments but, a lot happens out in the open. I recommend going into Williamsburg for a day and if you really want to go inside the buildings then go buy your ticket.

I'm glad we visited this historic place, it was very interesting!
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