St. Augustine, Florida

Matt and I stopped for a day in St. Augustine Fl. which is the oldest European settlement in the USA. It was founded by the Spanish in 1565. The British didn't even start trying to set up colonies in America until 1586! Did you know Florida didn't become a US Territory until 1822 and then finally became a state in 1845!? I wouldn't have guessed that a city in Florida is the oldest city in America, would you?

Anyway, St. Augustine was neat but extremely touristy with lots of shops and restaurants. There's an old military fort from the 1700's that was still in good shape. The weather was HOT that day and if you would please notice the look on my face-

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-5_zpse38cd38c.jpg

Apparently the heat was getting to me, haha!

Overall St. Augustine was an interesting place that got my imagination thinking about all the pirates and travelers that have come through here over the years.

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-4_zpsfa24d640.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-8_zpsc2e0ea2d.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-7_zps7e2fa199.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-6_zpsd68193c6.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-1_zps411b368f.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-2_zps18db96df.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-9_zps6230a1ce.jpg

 photo 5-7-14StAugustineampSaintSimonsIslandLuxeLandYacht-3_zps9f00b889.jpg
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