Savannah, GA

After visiting Savannah, GA I finally get the lyrics "Georgia on my mind" because now that we've left, Savannah is still kind of lingering on my mind. Why? Because it was so pretty, classically southern, intriguing, mysterious...

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Savannah is a great city for walking and just taking in all of the old building, homes, town squares and action on the river.

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Fort Pulaski is in Savannah and was pummeled during the Civil War. The Union army shot cannons from Tybee Island (which is over a mile away) at the fort. The Confederate army thought the fort was unbreakable but the wall of the fort was destroyed. You can still see the damage and some shells in the wall. You can also see where the wall was rebuilt after it was completely knocked down in one section.

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Check out that mote around the fort!

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My favorite thing about Savannah was walking around looking at the pretty old homes-

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While in Savannah we watched the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". It was fun to see all the same sights in the movie that we had just seen that day in Savannah. It's a pretty good movie if you've never seen it!

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