Washington DC Zoo

The zoo in Washinton DC is amazing! I can't believe the variety of animals they have! Here are some of our favorite photos from the zoo-

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-4_zps59bf3856.jpg

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-3_zps3d686230.jpg

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-2_zpsb4c343cf.jpg
This is an Orangutang walking the tight rope above our heads.

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-1_zpsb772afb0.jpg

The absolute best part of the zoo is the Panda exhibit. Here's the crew working on Panda Cam which you can watch anytime online-

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-8_zpscc85fa8b.jpg

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-7_zpsfbaf5ce0.jpg
That's the baby panda in the background eating a sweet potato.

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-6_zpsd1001ed2.jpg
Mama panda eating bamboo! She was hungry!

 photo 6-8-14TheSmithsonianZoo-LuxeLandYacht-5_zps6b960dfd.jpg
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