Weekend Happenings

Can you believe it's already Monday again? I can't. This weekend flew by! We had a pretty low-key weekend.

Side Note: Since spring is pretty much here, I just listed a super cute coat on ebay today, click here to check it out! See, isn't it cute? It's from Anthro so obvi it's cute.

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Back to the weekend, I used our Weber Q grill for the first time. I grilled salmon Friday night and burgers Sunday night.

We did yard work on Saturday. I like yardwork and Saturday was particularly fun because we also helped out our neighbors with their yard and they ordered pizza (and shared it with us!) for helping.

I also got lost in The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. She's my second favorite author and I've been wanting to read this book since it came out several months ago.
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The Secret Keeper is a page turner and I couldn't stop reading it until I learned what the big secret was. That's how all of Kate Morton's books are. There is some giant mystery and the whole book is about feeding you tiny clues throughout until finally at the end the whole mystery is untangled.

This weekend was good for reading because it was cold and drizzly. Friday was 70 and a huge tease for spring weather but, we're back to cold temps now which means me in my trusty fleece and wool socks. Thanks for keeping me warm!

This week, I'm determined to eat mostly healthy and get in my HIIT and toning workouts. Since the Bachelor is over and I won't be sucked into the show for 2 hours tonight, I will most def have time to work out today. I wish my friends (or my husband) and I could just get together everyday and workout because it would be much easier than working out by myself! Whenever I suggest this though, neither Matt nor my friends take me up on the offer. Come on y'all!!!

It's also spring break for the schools around here so lots of people in my office are taking time off this week which will be nice to have the office to myself or at least more quite than usual. Someone please tell me why we don't have spring break in the real world??? I think we'd all be alot more productive and happy if we did don't you agree?

Also, you can clearly see from this weekend recap, that I could be classified as a boring person this weekend. My twin brother who lives in DC right now told me he was invited to a party Saturday night that didn't start until midnight. My first thought was wow, that's too late to be starting a party. That would mean getting home at what? 2am at the earliest? I can't imagine.

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