Travel Tuesday- The North East!

I've traveled to the North East/ New England twice in the last two years. It's an amazing place because of it's charm, history, food and it's also beautiful. The first time I experienced the North East was on a ski trip to Killington, Vermont, a day in Maine, along with a short stay in New Hampshire during the maple syrup season (Matt and I went to a sugar house one night and the people making maple syrup taught us about the process. They had day jobs but during late March/early April they made Maple Syrup at night.)

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The second time I went to the North East was in the summer to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Both trips were both full of good food! I'm talking lobster, clams, fish mmmm. I had never had lobster before going on my first trip but once I tried it, I knew why it was such a big deal.

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I also love being so close to the ocean.The sight of light houses and sailboats are beautiful to me and I hope that I'll live near the sea one day full time.

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Another great thing about New England are the amazing homes and buildings. I'm so fascinated when I see buildings that are 200+ years old and can't believe they're still standing. I can't help thinking about all the change that's happened around those homes and buildings and they are still there to remind us of the past when America was just starting out.
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Lastly, I've had great experiences with the people in New England. I've come across so many nice people and my favorite part is when I talk and they ask me where I'm from because I sure have an accent. I proudly tell them I'm from Texas and they act all impressed, Texas has a way of doing that.

I'd go back again that's for sure. Another thing I think is awesome about New England is the train system and that so many places are within a couple of hours of each other. Happy Travel Tuesday!

Helene in Between

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