Today I'm linking up for High Five for Friday to tell you five things that are making my week-

1. Warmer weather and a hint of spring! I noticed a bulb starting to grow by our front door! How did it do that when a week ago it was buried under 2 feet of snow?

 photo bulb_zpsb6b6a0d1.jpg

2. Going out to Cheesecake Factory with my husband!! I wore heels and curled my hair for the event too! The great thing about Cheesecake Factory with Matt is that he likes cheese cake but not like I do. He lets me choose what flavor to get then lets me it the whole thing which, I would share if he wanted but I'm not going to pressure him into it or anything if he wants me to have it.
 photo c_zpsab1e2784.jpg

3. Our beautiful Airstream!
 photo a_zps71ea87e5.jpg

4. Our super cute and clean house!
 photo h_zpsd52380a2.jpg

5. Hanging out with our awesome neighbors drinking wine and playing with their dog while the husbands play Halo together. (Video games are funny to me and I'm amazed how the guys get completely sucked in and don't hear anything happening outside of their game.)

Happy Friday! Does it feel like spring where you are? Do you have any big weekend plans?
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