If you've been reading blogs today then you know all about google reader's impending end date coming up this summer. I've had a bloglovin account for a while now but never used it because of google reader. Today I imported all the blogs I read over to my bloglovin account and I really think I'm going to like the switch. It looks a little prettier than google reader and it's way easier to follow/unfollow blogs. I also like categorizing blogs. I don't like the randomly placed ads everywhere. I wonder if bloglovin is loving today because there are so many people using their site all of the sudden??

If you haven't gotten it all figured out by now, here's a link (click here) to the tutorial I used to get all my GR blogs over to bloglovin (BTW this girl used to work at the same place I do but, she became such a successful blogger that she blogs full time now! How cool.)

If you want to follow me on bloglovin here's my link (click here)!

Tonight Matt and I are eating Taquitos, chips and salsa with queso and guac for dinner! See you tomorrow, yeahhh for Friday!
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