Happy First Day Of Spring!

It looks like spring here (it's sunny!) and there is that certain smell of spring (do you know what I mean) but the day started off at 25 degrees. I know it won't be long though until these cold days turn warmer and I'm looking forward to that!

Lately I've been forgetting/have had no desire to eat veggies and thinking there really aren't any veggies out there that I want to eat anyway. Last night I remedied that and made asparagus, Brussels Sprouts and a sliced baked potato for dinner. There are veggies I like after all and I sure love the feeling of eating a good meal. My body appreciates it.

 photo photo_zps9924a2d4.jpg

So, happy spring, we've almost made it through the cold weather! I still can't believe March (or January or February for that matter) have flown by so fast. Where is the slow motion button on life?

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