High Five for Friday!!

Whoa whoa whoa what a nice day we have going on here. The temp is lovely and I can't wait to spend time outside today. If I had to name 5 things that are making my week awesome, these would have to be them-

1. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Oh mah gaw I can't get enough, ever.

2. Sleeping in the Airstream instead of in the house! It's just so fun to go in the backyard at night, get in the Airstream and sleep on our comfy bed out there instead of being boring and sleeping in our normal bed.

3. My family, yall are all great!

4. This book and the man that wrote it. I've learned so much from his books and sermons.

5. Sighting wild life in my own yard! I love animals and have seen a bunny, a chipmunk and a woodpecker this week. I'm always amazed by seeing these animals.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, how about you? Whatever you're doing have a great weekend!

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