Just Like That, It's Friday Again!

Can I just say, I love snow and even though I love snow, I love warm weather better. We've had two snow storms this week and it's pretty and all but, I'm ready for warm weather where I can enjoy being outside.

Ok enough complaining about the weather! I have 5 things that have made this week great-

Half off Shatto Chocolate Milk. This milk is locally made, delicious and $4. When it's about to reach it's best if sold by date, the grocery store sells it for half price! This sort of thing is very exciting for Matt and I and we will drink this whole thing by tomorrow night.

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I've been using some new make-up that I really like. I was using a cetaphil moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning and tried putting my usual Ulta foundation on top then putting powder over that but, the cetaphil was way too greasy and I think the Ulta foundation was clogging my pores. So, I'm now using Neutrogena tinted moisturizer which has SPF 30 and provides a nice medium coverage. Over that I use Neutrogena healthy skin powder which has SPF 20. I like the way they both feel on my skin and it looks smooth and pretty. I also feel like I'm providing lots of good protection with both products having SPF.
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This week was a weird week because it was spring break for the schools in our community. Lots of people took work off in my office for Spring Break so the office was way quieter than usual.

I've been reading Still Lolo this week and whoa, what a story. I'm intrigued by this book because Lauren is from Dallas and I know of alot of the people/places she talks about in the book. She's also close to my age so the things she writes about are interesting to me. The book is about her and her families life. A few years ago Lauren walked into a spinning propeller and the book tells you all about that and her recovery process. I'm almost done with it but not quite!

Lastly, Brussels Sprouts. I haven't eaten them until this year and I'm glad I finally discovered them! I mean, they aren't better than a cupcake or anything but for a healthy veggie, they are really good! Here's how I like to cook them.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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