Hello Wednesday

Hello! I've been a little quiet on the blog this week because really there's not too much happening around here at the moment! I could tell you about the Orange Chicken I tried from Trader Joe's last night (you should get it if you like orange chicken, omg so good!), or I could tell you about my HIIT workout I did yesterday and thought my heart would explode but, those aren't super exciting.

I will say that I'm feeling ready for some adventure and travel. I've been adding to my Pinterest Board "Places to See" a lot lately and want to go places such as-

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Just to name a few!

Besides wanting to go to these beautiful places and having a pretty normal week, I must say I love that we've Sprung Forward and the sun is out until around 8pm. I feel so much more alive!

Lastly, there is a comet right now that is visible from earth, did you know that? My husband and I drove to a hilltop last night and sat in the car with our binoculars (we both have our own pair) to look for it. It was a sight I'm sure.

Happy Wednesday!

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