Newport International Boat Show

Happy Fall everyone!  I can't believe we can say we successfully "summered in New England".  The weather was great and there was plenty to see in New England.  I wasn't sure how an east coast summer would compare to our last summer on the west coast.  The west coast was full of natural wonders while the east coast was full of history and big cities!  We are fortunate to have spent summers on both coasts and I can't say that I like one better than the other because they are both uniquely great in their own ways.

One 'world class' event we hoped to visit this summer was the Newport International Boat show in Newport, Rhode Island.  This gathering brings together boat lovers, nautical vendors, and of course many boats of all types and sizes.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-07_zps4dd56d24.jpg

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The town of Newport is certainly worth visiting even if you can't make the boat show.  It is full of small restaurants and local shops.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-11_zpsf2d8dfb1.jpg

The boat show covers 13 acres and was filled with sailboats of all sizes.  There were also power yachts, fishing boats and pontoon boats.  The best part of the boat show is that every single boat was open for you to come aboard and explore.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-03_zpse06d9fdc.jpg

The sailboats we saw reminded me a lot of living in an RV!  Some of the 30-35' Sailboats had about as much room as the Airstream.  I think I could make the transition to boat life easily after living in our Airstream for the past year and a half.  Don't worry though, we won't be moving onto a boat next!

Here's the interior of an 'open concept' 37' sailboat that we toured, pretty nice!  I think this model (show special pricing mind you) would set you back about $175k.  I believe this was 2 bed, 1 head.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-10_zpsbf606cfa.jpg

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-09_zpsc5e13faa.jpg

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-08_zps787da065.jpg

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-13_zpsf06b8998.jpg

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-01_zps7e7e7bdc.jpg

Many of the sailboats and yachts had beautiful wood working.  From teak and holly soles (flooring) to mahogany cabinets, and teak rub rails, you can tell the level of fine craftsmanship that goes into each vessel.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-14_zps1913fe4f.jpg

Having never been on a catamaran before, it was easy to understand why they are favored for bareboat cruises in the islands.  A wide stable platform, separate bedroom areas, and an elevated kitchen and living room with a view all add to their elegance.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-04_zps993e173f.jpg

Carbon fiber is certainly being integrated into boats.  We toured a couple of catamarans that were made almost exclusively from this space age material.  Advantages of carbon fiber include it's light weight, resistance to corrosion, and incredible strength.  Main disadvantage is of course cost!

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-15_zps3d4ba934.jpg

Michelle is relaxing on one of the largest yachts we toured - a Princess 72'.  This had 3 huge bedrooms, 3 heads, and completely separate crew quarters.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-06_zps429de146.jpg

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-05_zps93d19365.jpg

Every sailboat mast was covered in flags - really a beautiful sight.

 photo 9-25-14NewportBoatShow-12_zps15a06de0.jpg

Looking over the bay filled with sailboats (the boat show is all behind us).  We could see a few 150'+ mega yachts parked in the distance as well.  Wonder who owns those?  Guess they could be charter boats... which brings me to the TV show "Below Deck" - check out what's it's like to charter a yacht at $150k per week in the BVI's!

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