Stowe, VT and Ben and Jerry's

No trip to Vermont would be complete without a trip to visit our friends Ben and Jerry!

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-2_zps7cc83446.jpg

We took the factory tour and got a sample of Milk and Cookies ice cream (cookies and cream).

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-4_zps8dc7e3bc.jpg

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-5_zpsb7862d2d.jpg

We also took a trip to the flavor grave yard. I was surprised that this flavor didn't make the cut-

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-3_zps8296e036.jpg

After our factory tour I devoured a pint of the finest ice cream around under this beautiful cherry tree.

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-7_zpse91ff7bb.jpg

We also stopped by the Green Mountain Coffee visitors center-

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-1_zps9ecb6e79.jpg

We then drove to Stowe which is a cute town with wonderful craft shops!

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-6_zps37239bc5.jpg

We spotted this cute poster in a gift shop!

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-8_zpse555940a.jpg

We ended the day with a stop at a pretty covered bridge-

 photo 9-13-14BenandJerrysandStowe-9_zps48d30bd4.jpg

Vermont is beautiful and unique!
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