High Mowing Organic Seeds Field Day

A few years ago Matt and I met a nice family on a plane flight who happened to own an organic seed farm in Vermont.  While recently traveling in Vermont we happened upon a flyer for an upcoming 'field day' event at none other than that family's business, High Mowing Organic Seeds!  We of course had to check it out.  Luckily the family remembered us and we're so glad we went.

The outdoor extravaganza included tours of their trial fields, seminars and a meal made of local foods by the Culinary Institute... mmm mmm good!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-01_zps71c38c02.jpg

We loved touring the trial gardens where they test plants to see if they will include those seeds in their future catalogues.  High Mowing offers 600+ varieties of organic seeds.  The company creates their own hybrid seeds and works to 'de-hybridize' certain varieties.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-02_zpsd4533810.jpg

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-03_zps74394d97.jpg

Here we are learning from Tom, the founder of the company, on how to save seeds!  Many other High Mowing employees also offered great seminars and tours throughout the day.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-11_zps01ef8a42.jpg

Here are the seeds inside of an extremely ripe cucumber. High Mowing will harvest the cucumbers they've been growing all summer, remove the seeds, clean them, dry them and then package them up for customers.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-12_zps592aa8a5.jpg

All the plants growing in the field we saw are in the trial stage. There are many more fields where their plants are growing that they will harvest for seed.

I was amazed at how many different varieties of plants and veggies there were.  I felt like I saw more unique vegetables in that one day than in my whole life.  Here are some beautiful heirloom tomatoes!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-13_zps6664fc88.jpg

Lettuce starting to grow!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-10_zpsf1d3d671.jpg

These were the tents set up for seminars and the meal prepared by the Culinary Institute.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-17_zps32850f76.jpg

More large lettuce plants!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-04_zpsfd5c6af8.jpg

Here are some of the many peppers they are testing out - just look at that color!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-05_zps3282865f.jpg

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-06_zps30a7e081.jpg

Look at those colorful carrots!

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-07_zpsdb59792c.jpg

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-09_zpscbedebdc.jpg

A pretty line of onions drying in the sun.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-08_zpsc3ce766d.jpg

Dinner was a major highlight of the day.

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-14_zps6b5e50d0.jpg

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-15_zpsfcaa6bcc.jpg

 photo 9-10-14HighMowingSeedsSpecialEvent-16_zps5e94a7b1.jpg

What a small world it is when you can run into people you met years ago on a plane and they still remember you.  If you have an interest in growing organic seeds in your garden, you can order seeds from High Mowing online! 

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