The Kancamagus Highway

The Kancamagus Highway through the White Mountains of New Hampshire is listed as one of America's most scenic drives.

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-1_zpsf6b0da3a.jpg

I agree that it's most definitely scenic-

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-5_zpsec6fdb68.jpg

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-3_zps637c4703.jpg

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-2_zps9ab7ad7e.jpg

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-4_zps46ea5dd5.jpg

There's also a gift shop on a covered bridge to satisfy any shopping cravings you may have while viewing all the beautiful nature around you-

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-6_zps77966ccc.jpg

Also, if you're a weather buff, the top of Mt. Washington has some of the most extreme weather and there's a museum dedicated to it along the route!

 photo 9-3-14KancamagusHighway-7_zps94f4a39a.jpg

We spent an entire day exploring this area and really enjoyed it.
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