Central Vermont

Vermont is a very green and pretty state. So far I've enjoyed driving around seeing all of the old barns, cute small towns and natural beauty of the place. We found a nice campground called Meadowcrest Campground and have had an enjoyable stay.

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Just down the road from our campground is the Cabot Creamery. We took the factory tour and watched them make cheddar cheese. We learned that cheddar cheese is suppose to be white. When Cabot started trying to sell their cheddar in the South people didn't buy it because it wasn't yellow like we're used to seeing. So, once a week they make a batch of yellow cheddar for us southern folks so we will buy it!

 photo 9-7-14CabotampCentralVermont-06_zpsa628beaa.jpg

We got to sample many cheese flavors after the tour which was great!

 photo 9-7-14CabotampCentralVermont-05_zps7b8b07de.jpg

On the drive back to the campground we drove through more cute small towns that I love so much and saw more pretty old barns-

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