New York, NY

We were so lucky to take a day trip to NYC while we were camping in Upstate New York! We figured, when you're that close to NY, you have to go!

We started our day with a drive to the Poughkeepsie train station, then took the train to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. After we arrived in Manhattan we took the subway down to the Wall Street Station. We emerged from our underground travels and spent the rest of the day walking the streets of New York City!

Here's a picture of our route for the day. Overall we walked about 12 miles! Theres so much to see in NYC that every step we took was fun and worth the walk-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-01_zpsdcbee550.jpg

Our first stop was the Trinity Church, very pretty-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-04_zps9d8fe407.jpg

Then we stopped at Wall Street!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-03_zps369cd739.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-02_zps4cd7af01.jpg

Next we walked to the 9/11 memorial. Wow, what a surreal place.

 photo 10-1-14NYC-07_zps142e6326.jpg

This is the base of one of the Twin Towers. It's now a memorial to all those that died in this building on 9/11. There's a second memorial just like this one where the other tower stood just next to this one.

 photo 10-1-14NYC-06_zpsc87966ee.jpg

This is the New World Trade Center called the Freedom Tower. It's right next to the two world trade center monuments where the twin towers once stood. It's still under construction-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-05_zps44201822.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-09_zpsb9aa2512.jpg

This is a tree that was planted next to the Twin Towers that survived being buried in the rubble-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-08_zpsa3d6a6b6.jpg

After seeing the 9/11 memorial we walked to The High Line which is a park built on top of an old train track in the Meat Packing District.

 photo 10-1-14NYC-10_zps2c44fe09.jpg

View from the High Line-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-11_zps9b603f82.jpg

This is a window over a busy street with theater seating so you can watch the traffic go by below you-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-12_zps6c244e45.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-13_zps3241ac05.jpg

Cars stacked up for storage!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-14_zps4fa252b8.jpg

Next up we went to Macy's!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-15_zps6c7e12d7.jpg

Then of course over to Times Square-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-16_zps8642e315.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-17_zps36ade053.jpg

Moving on, we stopped by Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-18_zpsc6b67cc3.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-20_zps279b1881.jpg

We then headed toward Central Park. We wanted to see a lot during our one day in the city so we did not mess around!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-21_zps74e1b342.jpg

There's the plaza!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-22_zps88a56d90.jpg

Coolest looking Apple Store!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-22_zpsb3a77e9d.jpg

Finally, we've made it to Central Park-

 photo 10-1-14NYC-23_zps7bf537a2.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-24_zps3b4177b8.jpg

After all that walking we were ready for a big dinner! Luckily, my college friend who is cool enough to live in NYC joined us for dinner!! We went to Shake Shack and had burgers, fries and custard!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-26_zps5bd4659a.jpg

After dinner we strolled back through NYC toward Grand Central Station to catch our train back to the Airstream!

 photo 10-1-14NYC-27_zps2997f18f.jpg

 photo 10-1-14NYC-28_zps258716d1.jpg

We had a full and magical day! NYC did not disappoint!
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