Tahoe Tuesday- How I Spent My Christmas in Texas

Hi everyone, just a quick note from me as I’m tired from the biggest travel week of my life!  Matt bundled me up in my kitty carrier and took me on a plane to Texas last week.  First I had to ride in the truck to the airport, i was little worried but I enjoyed sitting next to Matt and watching the lights go by as we drove to the city.  I got my special ticket so I could board the plane like Matt, then it was off to security.  Matt took me out of my carrier and I was very intrigued with all that was around me.  Lots of people, noises, and other animals.  A few TSA people stopped what they were doing just to come see me! 
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-6_zps593662d1.jpg
On the plane I meowed any time that Matt looked at me.  I was not sleepy at all.  We finally landed, and guess who was waiting for me in Dallas… Michelle!!

Once we got to Tyler I found my favorite spot to relax (the sink) and watched while Matt & Michelle unpacked.
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I met lots of really nice people while in Texas.  Laura held me very close, I think she wanted to keep me.
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I played hide and seek every morning under the bed covers.
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Staying at the lake was a real treat - I really liked the beautiful sunsets.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-5_zps3ab2218c.jpg

Before I knew it, it was time to fly back home!  Matt is a bit of a nerd, and he was very impressed with how nice the airplane was.
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I was stuck in my carrier again so I couldn’t really see it! 
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Unfortunately we hit some bad turbulence on the plane and I got really scared.  I tore a hole in my carrier, and then promptly stuck my head through and got it stuck.  Matt made the hole a little bit bigger so I could free myself.  My head is bigger than I thought.  I finally calmed down the last hour and tried to sleep.  Matt had to get the truck jump started when we landed in San Francisco, but I was patient, and honestly appreciated that things had stopped moving.  When we finally got home I got back in my sink and took a nap. 
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-9_zps75d03fe5.jpg

It’s good to be home.

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