T-Shirt Blanket- Complete

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Living in the Airstream, I don't have room for my sewing machine or surger so, while I'm home in Texas I'm making sure to get all the sewing done I can while I can!

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One project I've been working on for years is my t-shirt blanket. I started my blanket while living in Kansas City and would work for a few hours on it then put it away for months until I felt like working on it again. I brought it to my parents house when we moved into the Airstream and stored it in a closet hoping to finish it someday.

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I love how it turned out!!

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The only thing I would have done differently is cut my shirts a more uniform size. When I cut my t-shirts I had so many that I was overwhelmed and was sloppy with my cuts. If I had been more careful and cut every shirt the same size it would have made the sewing process easier.

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My blanket is like a history of my life so far in t-shirts! If you're like me, then you have tons of shirts you just can't part with because they remind you of so many great memories. A t-shirt blanket or quilt is the perfect way to forever memorialize your t-shirt collection in a way that you can use and enjoy!

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