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Hello!! I've been in Texas for about three weeks for Christmas and New Year's! It was so nice to be home for so long. Yesterday I came back to Petaluma and our beautiful Airstream.

While in Texas we celebrated Gabby's 12th birthday (Gabby is my Mom's shadow and follows her everywhere!) She got a plate of food and a cupcake to celebrate.
 photo gabbybday1_zps9860f20c.jpg
 photo gabbybday2_zps41669a23.jpg

My mom and I also got super crafty trying out lots of crafts we wanted to do. We made a few candles! I envisioned making lots of candles out of beer and wine bottles but, getting the bottles to break nicely is nearly impossible so we were able to make a grand total of 2 bottle candles! They are nice though!
 photo photo4_zps0d67d915.jpg
classiest candle you've ever seen right?
 photo photo3_zps1cf62d51.jpg
While home I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and eating my heart out on lots of sweets and all my favorite Texas foods. Today I'm back to eating healthy (hooray).

I loved coming back to the Airstream and seeing this little guy! I missed him! I was super happy to see Matt too, he's just not as willing to pose for selfies as Tahoe is.
 photo photo5_zps85d6a0e6.jpg
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