Tahoe Tuesday- Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!! This is my first Christmas and I love it so far! I'm in Texas right now with Michelle and Matt. It is really fun here. I'm a celebrity. I've met my grandparents and great grandma, and lots of admirers that read my blog post every week. One of the people I met brought me a sweater! I like to sleep under my new sweater and I look pretty dashing when I wear it!
 photo tahoessweater_zps0dd7cb69.jpg
Thank you Debbie!
 photo photo1-1_zps853c9849.jpg
Michelle put a bow on my collar when she was wrapping Christmas presents and I didn't like it but Michelle said I looked cute.
 photo photo2-1_zps684d0824.jpg
I also helped wrap presents with Matt. Ribbon is my favorite thing so present wrapping is amazing!
 photo photo3-1_zpsbea90f7e.jpg
Have a very Merry Christmas!!
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