Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi! Welcome to Tahoe Tuesday!
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This past week I've been really into playing with things I'm not suppose to such as the paper towel roll, chip clips, hair clips, chap stick, and paper! If Matt or Michelle tell me I can't have something or can't go somewhere then I will repeatedly attempt to get what I want without them noticing. My nick name is sneaker wave because I'm so sneaky I sometimes get away with it!
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Michelle left today to go to Texas and I really miss her but, Matt and I will go to Texas on Thursday so we will survive a few days without her.
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I think my favorite part of this week was when I jumped on the counter to find a big plate of grilled fish. Matt and Michelle weren't paying attention so I ate some! It was so good and I wish I hadn't gotten caught because I could have eaten more!
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I hope you have a good week! See you next time!
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