Wine Tasting Is Always Fun

 photo WineTastingwMichael-1_zpsb6a9e2cb.jpg
Michael and I being classy wine tasters, unlike the guy in the background!
 photo WineTastingwMichael-3_zpsd5e7f28a.jpg
Korbel is my fav winery
 photo WineTastingwMichael-2_zpsd4fc260f.jpg
Mike and I among the grapes
 photo WineTastingwMichael-4_zpsf3bf02bb.jpg
How pretty is this?
 photo WineTastingwMichael-5_zps90479197.jpg
 photo WineTastingwMichael-6_zpsab002185.jpg
You never know what awesome finds the gift shop will have. Matt looks good in this newspaper boy hat!
 photo Alcatraz-11_zps4822d9ff.jpg
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