Tahoe Tuesday!

Hello everyone, welcome back to Tahoe Tuesday.

 photo photo1_zpse1e10416.jpg

Would you believe that Matt and Michelle gave me a bath this week? Well they did and I didn't like it. Thankfully they blow dried my fur after the bath and I look fantastic but I'm not a fan of the bath.

 photo photo3_zpsbefb7265.jpg
Michelle has been giving me treats this week which I love! She keeps making me sit before I get to eat my treat but that's fine as long as she gives it to me.

Other than the bath and the treats this week has been pretty normal for me!

 photo photo2_zps12a431c4.jpg
Here I am standing on my back legs in my box. It's a cute thing I do to get attention and obviously so I can see out of the box! photo photo4_zps4934f13a.jpg

See you next week!
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