Tahoe Tuesday!

Happy Tahoe Tuesday and Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited for my first holiday season, I hear it's a great time!

In preparation for all of the fun coming up in my life, I've made sure to take plenty of time to lounge around.
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-5_zps30d8bfd4.jpg
But, I still make lots of time to play in my box-
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-6_zps97658333.jpg
Also, I love drinking from the faucet! The water is just so much better straight from the source.
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-7_zps9394659a.jpg
I hope you have a great week!
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-4_zpsb68441a0.jpg
And I'll see yall next week!
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-2_zps5bcc7961.jpg
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