6 Months of Living Small! Why We Do It

For over six months Matt and have I have lived in a little less than 150 sq ft! I can't believe it! After enjoying life in such a small home sweet home I have no complaints. Our small space seems perfectly normal and like enough space for Matt and I plus our kitty!

One great reason we love living in a small space is that it's refreshingly very manageable. We spend a lot less time on maintenance and cleaning and a lot more time on fun things like travel (we've been to 11 National Parks in 6 months!), bike rides, hikes, pool time, yoga classes, making grilled pizza, movie watching, and whatnot. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn't have a large house to maintain? I have to say it's pretty nice.

Living in a small space is less expensive. We don’t have room to buy many extras plus we don't have to spend money on things like furniture, any lawn supplies, dishes, decorations etc.

Because we don’t have room for lots of extra things we had to get rid of many of the extras in our cupboards from our house when we decided to live smaller. The process of downsizing all of our stuff was difficult. There were tons of clothes I got rid of and many other things I’d collected over the years. Now that I’ve gotten rid of everything but my absolute favorite things, I don’t miss any of the stuff I used to have. Do you know how nice it feels to only have stuff that is your absolute favorite and rid yourself of the extras? Stuff is fun to buy and collect over the years but it gets out of hand so quickly!

Another perk of our living space being small is that when we were renovating our little home on wheels, we could buy the nicest of everything because we only needed a little bit. When you have to buy a whole house worth of flooring it gets expensive but when you only need a little you can splurge for something nicer.

There is great freedom in having a nice small living space. I have everything I need and want such as TV, internet, a couch to lounge on, a bathroom, a comfy bed, a kitchen, and heating and A/C.

Home is an important place that needs to be comfy and an oasis to return to each night! For us our home is just smaller than most and it’s nice to rid our selves of extra space and things in our home so we can gain more time and save more money in our everyday life!
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